(see the Paul on the 16th...)

Georgia Tech - February, 1999

3 Student Center Leader Positions Application Deadline 4:30pm in Student Center Programs Area (3rd Floor) 4 Anime O Tekku
Location: Student Center Theater
Sponsor; Movie Committee & Anime Club
6 Paintball
11:00am -6:00pm
Cost: $6
Location: Paintball Atlanta
Sponsor: Special Events Committee

For tickets and transportation information please contact
Student Center Programs Area (404-894-2805)

9 - 11 Blood Drive
Location: Student Center Ballroom
Sponsor: Co-Op Club I, American Red Cross and MOVE Office
9 Valentine's Event-Northside Shepherd's Center
Sign up by Febuary 7 (Transportation provided)
Location: Northside Shepherd's Center
Sponsor: MOVE Committee
10 Options Coffee Night
Location: Cyber Cafe
Sponsor: Options Committee
11 Faith and Science Lecture Forum- Is There
Meaning in the Problem of Evil and Suffering?
Location: EE Auditorium & Tennenbaum Auditorium
Sponsor: Ideas and Issues Committee &
GT Christian Faculty/Staff Forum
12 Murder Mystery Dinner Theater: Peggy Sue Got Murdered
Cost: $7 students, $8 faculty/staff, $10 others, $1 more at door
Location: Student Center Ballroom
Sponsor: Arts Committee
Tickets will be available at the Student Center Box
Office starting on February 1.
16 Magician Paul Sponaugle
Location: Student Center TV Lounge
Sponsor: Special Events Committee
18 Take-A-Prof to Lunch
RSVP by February 12, 1999
Cost: $5 per faculty, staff/student pair
Location: Student Center Ballroom - Blue Room
Sponsor: Program Board
18 Anime O Tekku
Location: Student Center Theater
Sponsor: Movie Committee & Anime Club
25 Concert: Boricuas Pa' Atlanta
Location: Student Center 2nd Floor TV Lounge
Sponsor: Concert Committee
25 Basketball Tournament with Children at NFL
Youth Education Town
Sign up by February 23 (Transportation provided)
Location: NFL Youth Education Town
Sponsor: MOVE Committee
26 - 27 Movie: PI
8:00pm and 10:30pm
Cost: $2 with GT ID/$3 without
Location: Student Center Theater
Sponsor: Movie Committee